Friday, September 7, 2012

Metal and Skeletor

Hey folks, I'm back with some more musical interludes as well as a painting update. So I was checkin out CounterFett's blog, All Things Fett, and found this post.

Now I'm a big classic metal fan: Judas Priest, Maiden, Dio, Rainbow, all the greats. I really dig these guys Check out their first album on iTunes: Rise of the Templars. They have got a pretty solid classic metal sound, not that screechy/growlin' vocal nonsense you find today. Plus, for less than a tank of gas, you get some pretty righteous Met-tuhl.

On the other half of the spectrum, Necrons! I got me a Tranzyn the Infinite. (Click for Lols). The moment I saw the model, I knew I had to paint it like Skeletor, So I did! Dig it:

I think he came out well.

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